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Founded in 2017, Seba Trade Limited, an e-commerce company, has served the UK market while expanding its customer base throughout the EU. The customer base has reached 350000, and 99% of the customers have given positive feedbacks on Amazon. In addition to its core operations in the UK, the company is VAT-registered in Germany and France.

Since 2022, we've proudly taken our place as one of the trusted vendors on the Amazon platform. We have an organic certification from the Soil Association. The distribution centre in Oxfordshire is strategically located near major motorways, so products are delivered to clients in a timely and trouble-free way.

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Our Vision For The Future

Our vision is to go beyond e-commerce and become a giant ecosystem that improves people's lives. We want to offer a wide range of services that benefit everyone involved. We aim to create a positive impact by promoting well-being and sustainability in everything we do.

Our Mission And Values

Our mission is to provide organic and all-natural foods to health-conscious individuals. We're committed to transparency, eco-friendliness, and promoting well-being. Our goal is to make wholesome and nutritious food accessible to all.

Our Product Range

Our diverse product offerings include 100% organic foods, including tea, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, and olive oil. The company's portfolio represents various well-established and trusted brands and emerging labels. We collaborate with well-known brands such as Caffe Borbone, Oleum, Daechun, Kocatepe, Lezzo and proudly feature our exclusive brands such as Seba Garden, Seba Game, and Seba Nutrition.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Seba Trade Limited is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and our communities. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our mission. Here's how we're actively contributing to a greener, more responsible future:

Smart Inventory Management

Our cutting-edge inventory management system ensures we order and stock only what's needed, significantly reducing food waste.

Donation Programs

We're proud to support our local communities by donating food to local food banks and charitable organizations

Certified Suppliers

We go the extra mile to partner with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Reusable and Multi-Use Packaging

We encourage the use of packaging that can be reused or repurposed.


Seba Trade Ltd aims to source the highest quality fine products worldwide. Seba Trade offers guarantees to the customers that the products they receive from Seba Trade have been ethically produced and traded. Seba Trade has a focused strategy that aims to provide suppliers with strong and sustainable returns. Service excellence is at the heart of our business.

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